All players to comply with the CHESS TOURNAMENT PROCEDURE as set out below

  1. The schedule of player details will be announced before each round. Competitors should check it themselves.
  2. Before the start of each game the person whose name is first in the schedule should take white and the other person should take black .
  3. Players shall sit in their respective places on the table with numbered boards as shown on the table.
  4. Competitors must switch off their mobile phones. If a competitor’s phone rings during a match, that competitor will automatically lose that particular match.
  5. Both players should shake hands before the start of the match. Likewise, after the match is over, they should shake hands and leave.
  6. Both competitors must check the time on the clocks
  7. Check that the pieces are arranged correctly on the board before the start of each match
  8. When the arbiter announces the start of the game, there should be no conversation between the competitors.
  9. When the game starts the competitors must press the bell after each move
  10. If you want to discuss anything with the arbiter, you should talk in a very low voice so as not to disturb the other players.
  11. If there is any doubt about the rules during the game, raise one hand without talking to each other. Immediately the arbiter will come there and resolve the doubt.
  12. Please think before you move a piece. If you place your hand on a coil, if it is in a position to be moved, move it
  13. It is not compulsory to say check during matches.
  14. If the other player makes another move while in check, point to it and ask him / her to make the corresponding move.
  15. If both players agree, the game can end without winning or losing.
  16. When the clock expires for the opponent, it must be pointed out immediately. Whoever shows up is the winner.
  17. When the game is over, both players should get up and leave the playing area. You should not talk about the game or about other things.
  18. Before leaving the board, the pieces must be stacked as they were at the beginning.
  19. Decision of arbiter to be accepted.

-Feb 2024-